Precise Electrochemical Machining (PEM) is a powerful, non-contact metal shaping process that pairs a PEM Machine with an electrolyte processing unit, power generator, and operator control station. Using electric current and an oscillating tool bathed in a conductive electrolyte (salt water), PEM dissolves metal by liquefication. A positively charged workpiece (the anode) takes the form of the negatively charged tool (the cathode) as the metal is dissolved. The result is a high quality, burr-free part.

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The Leader in Precision Electrochemical Machining

PEM Technologies LLC sets the standard for excellence in electrochemical machining of complex parts. Our unique process allows you to repeatedly achieve excellent surface finishes without thermal or mechanical stresses, microcracks, white layers, or electrode wear. The PEM process can accommodate production runs of all sizes. It can machine multiple parts at the same time, helping you to realize significant gains in productivity and quality.

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With typical tolerances ranging from 5 to 25 µm, we can simultaneously machine complex macro and micro features in stainless steel, tool steels, exotic superalloys like Inconel and Hastelloy, Titanium alloys, powdered metal and many other materials that are difficult or impossible to machine using conventional machining methods. We currently serve these markets:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Medicine
  • Punching & Forming
  • Coining & Embossing

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Come see us at these upcoming shows and events:

PEM Technology Days
October 2019
PEM Technologies, 1603 Burtner Road, Natrona Heights, PA

Fabtech 2019
November 11-14, 2019
McCormick Place, Chicago

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NASA's J-2X EngineClick here to learn how PEMTec machines parts for NASA's J-2X Engine.

PEM Technologies developed a machining and finishing process for ball valve components of the main fuel flow control for Aerojet Rocketdyne. The components are key to the engine that will power the next-generation Space Launch System (SLS), the largest rocket ever built.

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Want to see what a PEM installation looks like? This video explains the PEM process. It shows PEM machining and electrolyte processing taking place. The video also shows how multiple workpieces can be processed simultaneously, greatly enhancing productivity.